"I cannot say enough wonderful things about Brett and Katie!! We had one of those, everything changes at the last minute, weddings, and those two rolled with it like it was nothing! From the beginning, Brett was super easy to work with. He was easy to get in touch with, and quick to respond to any and all questions. He even contacted the church to ensure he and Katie would be within their requirements. The day of our wedding, Katie and Brett worked to make sure we were comfortable and everything in their power went smoothly. They are quick and efficient about family portraits, and everything from there was easy going and relaxed. Whether it was hiking up a hill, playing in the rain, or herding our family members, Katie and Brett were absolutely fantastic! Friends and family mentioned several times how polite, kind and professional they both were, and how they both seemed to be everywhere all at once. I cannot recommend them highly enough." —Kaylin Touche


"Inventive, unobtrusive, documentary-worthy photography. Professional, friendly and assured, Brett chooses excellent company when working with a second photographer. Our wedding photos were stunning, on time and the online interface is gorgeous. Brett makes going through the whole process a breeze, with one less thing you'll have any need to worry about on your big day. Go with Brett to get a real, gorgeous documentation of the day, not just posed polaroids." -- Heidi Miller


"Brett was so easy-going and flexible to work with! We were an out of town couple but had our wedding in Austin. Our meetings/emails went well, and we were super excited to have him as a photographer. On the wedding day, Brett floated around taking pictures--several people commented on how they didn't even notice him. He catches some excellent shots too! We love his photojournalism style, and had so much fun looking through our wedding photos just a few weeks later! The wedding day is such a blur, and Brett takes the perfect photos to look back upon and remember all the special moments! He is a little more expensive but his professionalism and quality and number of pictures is worth it--plus part of your funds go to helping empowering charities and organizations around the world :)" —Brandi Amor


"Brett was absolutely perfect as a wedding photographer. He was professional, timely, and went out of his way to capture every detail and help us facilitate our non-traditional wedding (elopement) in Austin. He had never done an elopement, but was incredibly flexible with our easy going planning style. He promptly responded to my inquiries, met us for drinks to discuss our event, and showed up on time, prepared, and (of course) eager to shoot our event. After our ceremony at hotel St. Cecilia, he even drove us around in his own car to take photos around town and had brought along iced bottled water to help keep us comfortable in the heat. We've both been in a ton of weddings, but Brett was the best photographer we've worked with- he matched our easy-going style, all while making sure he captured the details and moments that made our day "ours" and our event so special. With such a small event (Read: Bride, Groom, Officiant, Brett) we were worried it would be awkward spending a few extra hours taking pictures with just the three of us- but Brett is such a friendly guy it really just felt like we were hanging out with a friend. His demeanor and professionalism are complemented by the excellent images he captures and edits. We cannot recommend Brett enough for anyone needing photography services, and hope to be able to work with him again "


"We only wish there were 10 stars to give Brett! From the first meeting, Brett was professional, informative and extremely responsive to questions or concerns. In the craziness of the week before the wedding, he initiated contact, which was greatly appreciated. With so many details to keep track of, having him check in with me was reassuring and a nice relief. He was exactly on time on our wedding day and ready for action. I was concerned at first about how I would feel with a camera there in the intimate moments. That's of course what we love about his photojournalist style, but the idea of a camera following you about all day was a little worrisome. How wrong was I! Brett made everyone feel so comfortable. No one held back any emotion, afraid that they might get caught on camera. Brett had this wonderful way of being present and being invisible at the same time. If there was a photo I knew I wanted him to get, he was there in a second's notice. He was also great about getting the more posed photos that family requested, and had a way of making them feel less stuffy. Get ready though! One can't be too vain when going with this style of photography...Brett captures it all! The double-chinned smiles, the funky, hilarious moves on the dance floor. But that was what made our photography so incredible. seeing the photos truly was like reliving our day, which was worth every penny!" —Melissa Wilbanks